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“Alitech Studio” - nun xidmət göstərmə sferası

“Alitech Studio” is one of the leading companies, specializing in the field of high software tech, which is fairly new for Azerbaijan. The scope of work of the company includes internet sites creation, their projection, design, adjusting the site core, creating website content and filling the site with various thematic texts and materials. The company owns a sustained segment in the market, connected to video materials creation, both at the stage of creating the future video’s idea, up to the point of complete and final product release - the videoclip itself. We have to make a point here, though, that the whole process, arrived out by the Company, runs in the layout, convenient for the clients. That is - “the whole cycle”, which means that all stages of the work are carried out from the scratch, and only at the expenses and capabilities of the company: from the beginning of the project up to complete delivery of the finished work. However, the range of the services, delivered by the Company is not limited to the features above. We need to add the types of services, such as domain & hosting support, multimedia & consulting work. The work, carried out by the Company in regards to the web resources, created and presented to the clients, goes on even at the stage of exploitation. Alitech conducts staff training complete exploitation of web resources the organization of trainings & webinars.



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