About Studio

“Alitech Studio” is one of the leading companies, specializing in the field of high software tech, which is fairly new for Azerbaijan.
The scope of work of the company includes internet sites creation, their projection, design, adjusting the site core, creating website content and filling the site with various thematic texts and materials. The company owns a sustained segment in the market, connected to video materials creation, both at the stage of creating the future video’s idea, up to the point of complete and final product release - the videoclip itself.

We have to make a point here, though, that the whole process, arrived out by the Company, runs in the layout, convenient for clients. That is - “the whole cycle”, which means that all stages of the work are carried out from the scratch, and only at the expenses and capabilities of the company: from the beginning of the project up to complete delivery of the finished work.

However, the range of the services, delivered by the Company is not limited to the features above. We need to add the types of services, such as domain & hosting support, multimedia & consulting work. The work, carried out by the Company in regards to the web resources, created and presented to the clients, goes on even at the stage of exploitation. Alitech conducts staff training complete exploitation of web resources the organization of trainings & webinars.

Alitech bases its work on 5 main fields, each of which appear as an independent unit and own a close work cycle. Each of the fields is allocated to a separate department responsible for provision of a specific list of services. At the same time, if necessary, each of these areas can cooperate and create a joint, more complex product. The definition by itself of these departments in these various areas allows the Company to take work from the ground up and present the product: high-quality, technically thought-out, well-filed and able to work for idea that the client has identified.

Alitech has also developed a number of collaborative postulates on which the Company builds relationships with the customer. And among them, first of all, that upon receipt of the order and its subsequent execution, the Company abandoned the principle of "ready-made offers". Each of the projects is unique thought out to the smallest detail and the entire process takes place directly taking into account all the wishes of the customer. That is what allows Alitech to build relationships with the Client on a mutually beneficial and long-term basis.

Marketing department

"There's a well known phrase attributed to Stanislavsky: “Theatre begins at the cloakroom.” Well, Alitech begins at the marketing Department. In Alitech, it is a completely independent unit, which is engaged in market research, analysis of ongoing processes, generalization of market mechanisms, outlining the range of potential partners. These studies are the basis of building the marketing model concept of the prospective customer. Alitech’s Marketing Department is the company’s outpost. The quality of our work depends on how well they will negotiate with the Customer and identify the issues correctly.

Department of creative ideas

Work on the site project, which is included in the creative department, is entering the next stage. Here, specialists who are masters of their craft - the highest level professionals start working on the website’s design. For that matter, we want to note that Alitech Studio prefers the artistry direction in the web resources’ design

Technical department

The process, taking place in the Creative Ideas department, goes on simultaneously in the Technology department. Of course, the web resource’s technical requirements’ first calculation begins in the Marketing department. And the task, prepared for Technical Department determines and displays the purpose of this web resource, the data capacity and the volume of downloads that can be uploaded to it, as well as the staff that will serve this web resource.

Copyriting department

Everything, carried out within the marketing, technology, creative departments, has to be presented to the Client and the client’s consumer, to use the web resource, constantly referring to the information, laid out on the website. Here we should take the language, style, target group and brevity into account, also emphasize the appropriately placed accents that match the client’s goals. In many cases, a lot of business processes depend on the consistently and properly presented material. The product, in this case, a web resource, competently submitted to the client, not only carries the information load, but also, in fact, the most important thing – the commercial component.

Development department

The Development Department is a logical extension of the Marketing Department. It defines the General line of the Company’s development, based on research, assessments and prospects of the of the web resources market development. It examines the experience of promoting web resources, innovations, as well as improvements and updates that high-tech companies offer to the market. Having all this in the asset, our Company can offer its Customers solutions that adapt and orient to the market very quickly and easily.