Since the beginning Marine and Oil Services company made great efforts in order to create high qualification team, which will be available to solve all defined tasks in short time with high quality and professionalism.

Indeed, high qualification, flexibility on problem solving, realization of projects in time made our company competitive and allow us to be leading company in this segment. Our company’s priorities are as follow: • construction works for oil (on-shore and off-shore), gas, energetic, chemical industries, shipbuilding and shipyard segments; • wide range construction works, design, mounting and installation works; • construction services, on call services (repair and slight modifications); • handling, transportation and fabricating of metal structures; bending, cutting, rifling, welding of metal structures; • coating of pipes and protection of metal and other structures; • temporary and permanent maintenance services on different spheres; • design and construction at industrial areas with baffling complexity; • carrying out various works (partial and full) on customer’s areas.

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