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Marketing department

Marketing department
"There's a well known phrase attributed to Stanislavsky: “Theatre begins at the cloakroom.” Well, Alitech begins at the marketing Department.

In Alitech, it is a completely independent unit, which is engaged in market research, analysis of ongoing processes, generalization of market mechanisms, outlining the range of potential partners. These studies are the basis of building the marketing model concept of the prospective customer. And upon the order receipt, the specialists of this Department base their strategy primarily on these studies, and prepare a web layout of the received order. This consists of action segment, the methods, definition of the target audience, as well as innovations in the field of web resources, and more.

Based on these options, technical specifications for other units are defined and prepared. But behind it all is research and correct assessment of the outlined tasks market. All of these distinguishes favorably on the market of services specified, since research is reflected in web projects, making them obviously productive and competitive. Along with permanent employees of the marketing Department, Alitech uses the practice of attracting additional specialists in the field of market research.

Working with Alitech from project to project, these specialists provide invaluable service in the process of project preparation. This staff policy enables to respond very quickly to the market innovations, deploy quickly and integrate into certain changes without significant losses. This approach has strengthened our personnel positions: we are working with pleasure and on a mutually beneficial basis.

As a result, Alitech introduced sophisticated multimedia projects that have received the highest expert appreciation. Alitech’s Marketing Department is the company’s outpost. The quality of our work depends on how well they will negotiate with the Customer and identify the issues correctly. Thoroughness and scrunity in preparation for work with the customer, is what allows Alitech outline the range of tasks to determine the detailed terms of reference for rest of the units and significantly reduce the execution time of the project – regardless of whether it is a simple site or a complex multimedia project.

But even after delivery of the project to the Customer, the work of the marketing Department is not over, because specialists start promoting the manufactured project on the market, provide consulting services, as well as services for training the Customer's specialists through trainings and webinars.